READER LETTER: Clic Sargent - Vote for us

Nobody thinks cancer will happen to their child. Until it does. When cancer strikes it affects more than just a young person's health. A cancer diagnosis shatters families emotionally and physically, separating them for treatment at specialist hospitals which are often far from home, leading to extra expenses that can force them into debt.

CLIC Sargent is the UK’s leading support charity for children and young people with cancer and their families. Our social workers, nurses and other frontline staff work tirelessly to limit the damage cancer causes to young lives beyond their health. Last year our teams in Nottinghamshire supported 129 children and young people and awarded £17,053.40 in financial grants that helped families cope with the extra costs a cancer diagnosis brings.

CLIC Sargent is now in the running to win a charity partnership with the supermarket Morrisons, worth up to £7 million. If we win, we’ll be able to double the amount of financial grants we give to families in need, increase specialist nursing support for young patients, and transform our services. This January we urge Morrisons employees across Nottinghamshire to join team CLIC Sargent in our fight for young lives against cancer by voting for us to become their new charity partner. And if you are a friend, family member or loved one of a Morrisons employee, please do help us raise awareness, and encourage them to back our cause. To find out more visit

Blaine Cooper-Jones

CLIC Sargent Fundraising Manager for East Midlands