Lynx Black Belt Leadership Academy hosts inter house competition with prizes galore

Lynx Black Belt Leadership Academy hosted their second martial arts inter house competition, with various categories open to all ages and abilities.

By The Newsroom
Sunday, 26th May 2013, 8:45 am
Lynx Black Belt Academy, Retford
Lynx Black Belt Academy, Retford

From white belt to black belt Dan grades, students showed off their skills in board breaking, patterns, one step sparring, freestyle and sparring.

The day kicked off with a welcome speech and a demonstration from Master Andrew Blinston, before the competition.

Trophies were given to first, seond and third places, but all of the academy’s students received certificates of participation.

Master Blinston expressed his gratitude for local support.

He said: “Thanks to everyone who made the day a massive success, our sponsors and the support from all the local businesses, parents and spectators.”

“But most of all thank you to all the students for their amazing enthusiasm, dedication and commitment.”


Break Boarding (White to Blue Belt) 1st Robert Macioszek, 2nd Elliot Spittlehous, 3rd Emma Roberts.

Break Boarding (Blue Belt Red Stripe to Black Belt) 1st Tom Norton, 2nd Millicent Morgan, 3rd Rhio Blinston

Patterns (White to Blue Belt) 1st Kristain Macioszek , 2nd Shelly Harding, 3rd Robert Macioszek.

Patterns (Blue Belt Red Stripe to Black Belt) 1st Harvey Elliott, 2nd Rhio Blinston, 3rd Tony Cockcroft.

One Step Sparring (Blue Belt Red Stripe to Black Belt) 1st Rhys Garton and Rhio Blinston, 2nd Stuart Davis and Harvey Elliot, 3rd Kayleigh Norton and Tom Norton

Free Style (4 years to 12 years) 1st Kristian and Robert Macioszek, 2nd Harvey Elliot and Rhys Garton, 3rd Stuart Davis.

Free Style (13 years and above) 1stMillicent Morgan.

Sparring Gold: Kristian Macioszek, Alfie Stones, Simon Goy, Rhys Garton, Stuart Davies, Harvey Elliot, Tom Norton, Millicent Morgan, Kayleigh Norton.