Worksop: Tenant who turned property into flea-infested '˜squalid mess' gets the boot

A Worksop tenant was booted from her home after it was discovered she had turned the property into a 'squalid mess' infested by fleas from left behind live pet rats.

Monday, 15th August 2016, 3:21 pm
Updated Monday, 15th August 2016, 4:24 pm
Tenant evicted from flea-infested home

Nicola Barranger-Clarke had refused access for A1 Housing officers to inspect the Furnival Street property over the course of her tenancy, even when mandatory and essential annual gas safety checks were needed.

On the occasions that officers were able to visit the property and view it from through the windows, they saw piles of rubbish in each room that contained rotting food, empty takeaway cartons and beer cans.

Barranger-Clarke began her introductory tenancy in January 2015 but after just a few months became apparent that she was not looking after her property.

Tenant evicted from flea-infested home

Following her eviction the RSPCA were called to remove two pet rats that had been left behind at the property, which also had to be fumigated three times due to an infestation of fleas.

Don Spittlehouse, managing director at A1 Housing, said: “Taking good care of your home is one of the fundamental aspects of a tenancy agreement and should you not respect this principle, A1 Housing will look to take back possession of the property if things escalate to these extreme measures.

“We will also look to work with a tenant who may be struggling with their tenancy but Miss Barranger-Clarke clearly did not respect her home. As a result she was not permitted to remain a tenant of A1 Housing.”

The former tenant had been refusing repeated offers of tenancy and housing support from A1 Housing officers and Bassetlaw District Council’s Housing Needs Team.

Tenant evicted from flea-infested home

She also accumulated rent arrears of £572.

A1 Housing was awarded costs of £416 which Barranger-Clarke must pay back to them.

Introductory tenancies are offered to new A1 Housing tenants and if they keep to the conditions sent out in their tenancy agreement, they become secure tenants after 12 months.

But should a tenant break the conditions of this agreement, A1 Housing may seek to apply to the courts to regain possession of the property.

Tenant evicted from flea-infested home
Tenant evicted from flea-infested home