Worksop: Former Worksop cop on trial for sex charges

A former Worksop police officer who ‘abused his position’ to ‘satisfy his own sexual desires’ spanning nine years has gone on trial.

By Court Reporter
Wednesday, 26th November 2014, 11:14 am

Pc Chris Young has been suspended from Nottinghamshire Police after being charged with seven counts of sexual misconduct.

The trial of Pc Young, who denies the charges, started on Monday 24th November at Derby Crown Court and is set to last two weeks.

Prosecutor James House said the 47-year-old officer targeted female witnesses, some of whom were described as ‘vulnerable.’

Opening the trial, he said: “This case is about a police officer who used his position, his status, his knowledge and access to information to his own advantage to satisfy his own sexual desires.”

Yesterday the first witness - who can not be named for legal reasons - gave evidence which included claims he touched her breasts, made her touch him intimately and also asked to see her breasts.

The woman claims she was inappropriately dealt with while under the care of police after her husband initially reported an altercation at their house and thought she needed medical attention.

Officers took her to Derby Royal Infirmary before taking her home.

A video interview with the witness was viewed in court.

She said Young sat in the back of the car with her and made comments about the crocheted top she was wearing.

“He said to me, ‘look at the holes in your top,” she said.

She said he took her hand and placed it on his crotch.

She added during the car journey there was also talk of a threesome with the driver - but she could not recall who brought up the subject.

The woman said the driver was also ‘putting the sirens on and driving really, really fast’.

Later when she had returned home, the pair were alone when she claimed Young said ‘show me your (breasts) and I’ll go.’

She said she lifted up her top as she was tired and frustrated and wanted him to leave.

But she said he then lifted up her bra so her breasts were exposed. She alleges he said ‘I wish I had a camera.’

The witness - who was on medication for depression, and also drank several alcoholic drinks on the night the incident is alleged to have taken place - added: “I just wanted him to be gone out of the house. I just felt dead vulnerable.

“The last words he said to me was ‘I’ll be in touch with you’ and I was petrified for days. I was scared when the phone rang.”

She said she did stroke his hair earlier in the night and when he complimented her saying she was ‘cute’, she replied ‘you’re not so bad yourself.’

In the video interview, she said: “I suppose I was being flirtatious. I will admit it.

“I wasn’t being an angel myself. I wasn’t being perfect. But I still don’t agree with a woman that is vulnerable on medication and under the influence of drink and being with the police and being treated like that.”

Visibly upset on the video recording, she said; “I didn’t think it was going to end what he did. I knew it was wrong.”

The woman said the main reason for her complaint was because she was worried it could have been her daughter.

She initially was not going to report the incident to police but after speaking to friends and family she decided she needed to.

Jeremy Janes, defending, asked the witness if she remembered making flirtatious comments at another officer. She denied the claim but said it was a possibility it could have happened.

She responded: “That means it’s ok for a police to ask to see my (breast) because I was being flirtatious?”

Mr Janes claimed she had brought up the possibility of a threesome - which she denied.

He asked whether she had made false allegations against her husband - which she said there had been one incident but she was not making false allegations about this incident.

Young denies four counts of engaging in sexual activity with four women, two of behaving in a sexually inappropriate way and one of touching a woman’s breast, all while acting as a police officer.

The trial continues