Images show almost five tonnes of fly-tipping waste cleared from ‘dumping ground’ Worksop street

Bassetlaw District Council have shared images from before and after their Street Cleaning Team removed more than four tonnes of rubbish left on a Worksop street.

Just under five tonnes of fly-tipping waste has been removed from Ely Backs, Manton, after the street and a nearby garden were being used as a ‘dumping ground’, reports Bassetlaw Council.

Bassetlaw Council shared the images on Facebook of the piles of rubbish left on the street, which included a huge pile of bin bags, plastic, cushions and even a discarded door.

The Council wrote: “As part of this clean-up we have recovered more evidence that will be used to pursue enforcement action, in addition to stepping up patrols by our partners District Enforcement.

BEFORE: Almost five tonnes of fly-tipping dumped on Ely Backs, Manton.

“We’ll also be engaging with local residents to try and increase education and awareness of littering and fly-tipping to try and prevent incidents like this in the future.

“Anyone caught littering could be issued with a Fixed Penalty Notice of £100, and those responsible for fly-tipping could receive an unlimited fine, have their vehicle confiscated or face up to five years in prison.”

Bassetlaw Councillor Julie Leigh, and Cabinet Member for Neighbourhoods, reiterated fly-tipping is a crime, and it is everyone’s responsibility to properly dispose of their rubbish.

“If your bins are full, you can take waste to the Household Waste Recycling Centres, for large items you can order a paid for bulky waste collection, or look to recycle good condition items on sites like Freegle,” she said.

Bassetlaw Council warn criminals of an unlimited fine for fly-tipping.

“Just dumping it for somebody else to clean up is unacceptable and we will pursue enforcement action against any individuals identified through the evidence we have recovered.”

AFTER: Bassetlaw Council's Street Cleaning Team spent almost two hours removing the waste.