Reader’s Letter: The good old days!

Between 1939-1980 were the good old days for me, when people made their own enjoyment and past-times together with friends and their children.

They had time for each other with no TVs, maybe a battery wireless. I can remember mine as if it happened yesterday! Dad and mam, members of the two working men and women’s club, the Trades and Labour and the British Legion not forgetting the many other social clubs in and around this lovely area we are blessed with.

Believe you me, we did enjoy our social lives, yes having a drink or two, not to the state as what takes place of today. I’m sure we lived in the best of years, had it hard at the start but was happy at work and play, not millionaires in cash but in happiness!

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The Trades and Labour Club and the British Legion used to stand side by side below Slack Walk at the bottom of Westgate. My father was the Labour Club’s concert secretary for many years.

It was a sad day when both closed. Many social activities took place for the young and old including the boxing contest for us kids with ring and gloves provided. I fought long-gone George Popple, I think it was a draw but win or lose, it didn’t matter as we were still pals not to be forgotten. The good old days!

Geoff Coe

Bracebridge, Worksop