Youngster Shaws the way with pike skills

Pike Anglers Club junior member, 10-year-old Kobi Shaw is one of the PAC’s youngest members but is already a very competent pike angler.

By The Newsroom
Sunday, 20th October 2013, 8:50 am

Most adults would find the teeth of a pike a little daunting but not Kodi; he handles large pike with incredible confidence.

An angling star in the making!

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Lodge Farm Fishery: Tue Open, Signal Pond: 1st G Brookes, peg 14, 89-6-0; 2nd C Crosby, peg 16, 84-10-0; 3rd D Richmond, peg 6, 78-4-09.

Wed Over 50s, Lily Pond: 1st J Gunn, peg 73, 114-0-0; 2nd K Morris, peg 71, 87-2-0; 3rd G Brookes, peg 56, 74-10-0.

Thu Open, Field Pond: 1st B Richards, peg 7, 138-0-0; 2nd S Short, peg 4, 87-2-0; 3rd L peace, peg 6, 81-14-0.

Sat Open, Field Pond: 1st C Day, peg 2, 115-13-0; 2nd S Niemas, peg 34, 106-0-0; 3rd A Lakey, Worksop Angling Supplies, peg 37, 100-10-0.

Daiwa Hallcroft: Mon Veterans Costcutter, Bridge: 1st P Schoof, MAP Leegem, peg 4, 62-15-0; 2nd T Furby, peg 48, 58-5-0; 3rd D Whiting, peg 20, 54-14-0.

Tue Costcutter Open, Moat: 1st J Masson, Marukyu, peg 29, 52-13-0; 2nd R Abbs, peg 52, 39-8-0; 3rd M Hall, MAP, peg 56, 38-8-0.

Thu Veterans Winter League, Round 1, Moat: 1st L Hewison, MAP Leegem, peg 101, 72-2-0; 2nd M Fellows, peg 98, 62-3-0; 3rd D Downes, peg 86, 53-6-0.

Fri Open, Moat: 1st A Duff, peg 26, 79-2-0; 2nd A Berisford, MAP Leegem, peg 18, 63-8-0; 3rd K Crummey, peg 14, 39-8-0.

Sat Open, Bridge: 1st L Hewison, MAP Leegem, peg 10, 86-0-0; 2nd A Sellars, R&R Sports, peg 4, 70-14-0; 3rd P Miles, Kelly’s Stores, peg 25, 60-6-0.

Sun Open, Moat: 1st G Gibson, peg 62, 109-0-0; 2nd P Miles, Kelly’s Stores, peg 34, 97-12-0; 3rd W Lomas, MAP Leegem, peg 44, 96-15-0.


Toft Newton: Varied results this week with 112 rods catching 425 trout, giving a rod average of 3.8.

Boat sport continues to be good and bank fishing has much improved despite the weather.

Resident expert Andy Hutson had some great sessions using Black Blobs and Crunchers.

Dries have been working well on calmer days but as the wind got up, the fish were reluctant to take from the surface.

Intermediates and floaters taking their share of fish with Blobs, Diawl Bachs, Crunchers, Shipman’s and Minkies, all doing well.

Buzzers and fry patterns are tipped to do well this coming week.

Andy is also offering free fly-tying tuition on 19th October so give him a ring to book a place 07850 351695.

Andy received a Lifetime Achievement Award in June this year for his long-standing contribution to fly fishing and dressing, so get down to Toft for some expert advice.

Grafton AA: Little John Fishery, Robin Hood Lake: 1st Simon Short, 103-9-0, short pole meat; 2nd Ian Topham, 94-8-0, pole pellet; 3rd Brian Pool, 93-15-0, alternating between pole and feeder with pellet.

Some impressive weights and a great day for all.

Worksop & District AA: Weir Field Open: 1st S Goulding, peg 7, 66-0-0, maggot feeder for a huge bag of Bream for the river; 2nd J Urruty, peg 5, 56-8-0, feeder maggot for Bream; 3rd A Urruty, peg 6, 50-1-0, maggot feeder for Bream.

Last week’s results: 1st D Smith, peg 82, 13-11-0, feeder maggot for Bream; 2nd J Urruty, peg 84, 13-0-0, feeder worm and maggot for Bream; 3rd D Brown, peg 91, 11-13-0, feeder maggot and worm for a mixed bag of Chub and Bream.

This concludes the Weir Field match series for this season but Stewart Goulding will be arranging another series with some matches in the middle of January.

Hats off to Stewart for arranging such a popular river series.

St Joseph’s: Mill Dam: 1st Brian Kent, 84-13-0, alternating between method feeder and pole pellet for an all-Carp net; 2nd Mark Pressley, 66-0-0; 3rd Bonnie Betteridge, 48-13-0, pole in the margins.

Danny Betteridge managed to finish over-all winner.

If you have an angling story or a picture of you with your catch, email [email protected] or call 07815 308463.

Tight lines!