Maltby juniors in interclub tournament

Maltby Thai Boxing ClubMaltby Thai Boxing Club
Maltby Thai Boxing Club
Maltby Thai Boxing Club’s youngsters brought home trophies from their interclub fights in Oldham on Saturday.

Sam Keane, 13, and the ‘fighting Murphys’ Luke, 10, Ellie, 10, and Jordan, 13, were all in action in the ‘friendly’ tournament, against competitors from all over the country.

Although safety is paramount in the interclub bouts, the fighters still use knees, kicks and punches as they prepare for competitive fights later in their careers.

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Maltby Thai Boxing club instructor Phil Glover, a former British and European champion, said: “These interclubs are great for the youngsters.”

“There is a lot of discipline and respect shown during these tough bouts and when I train these kids for fights I see a positive change in all of them it’s so rewarding to see them all improve.”

Another talented young fighter from Maltby, 11-year-old Josh Swift, has been training for his hardest fight yet.

He will challenge for the British Junior Thai Boxing title this Sunday in St Helens.

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Glover said: “He is one of the club’s most experienced junior fighters with almost 40 fights behind him.”

Swift will take on Ste Clarke from Kirkby over five rounds and their fight will be on the undercard of a big show held at the prestigious Haydock Racecourse, featuring many of the Uk’s best fighters, including a world title under full Muay Thai rules.

Anyone wishing to learn Muay Thai in Maltby can contact Phil Glover for more details on 07999 702676.

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