Barbel and chub are there for the taking

The Specimen guys had a slow start to the river season but big barbel and chub are now coming in.

Friday, 16th August 2013, 1:13 pm

Double figure barbel are available, with specimens of up to 14lb being reported from the Trent at Dunham, Laneham and Cromwell.

The river Maun and Idle also contain specimen barbel and chub.

Pictured this week is Dan Ellis with a double figure barbel taken from the Idle at Retford.

Dan, sponsored by Gold Baits, fished 14mm halibut pellet over feed pellets to tempt fish from over-hanging trees.

For shallow river action, find the fish and drift baits down to them.

Pre-feeding with pellets will give fish confidence to take hook baits - you’ll need heavy gear.


Lodge Farm Fishery: Tue Open, Signal Pond: 1st R Edmund, peg 6, 184-5-0. Roger tempted plenty of carp on pole-fished pellet. 2nd J Mills, peg 17, 142-7-0; 3rd M Hall, peg 3, 113-13-0.

Wed Over 50s, Lily Pond: 1st A Hill, peg 70, 96-0-0. Andy won with a near ton weight of F1s. 2nd J Gunn, peg 68, 72-5-0; 3rd G Morris, peg 73, 64-15-0.

Thu Open, Field Pond: 1st R Woodward, peg 35, 215-2-0. Pole pellet used for over 2 ton of carp. 2nd S Toddler, peg 1, 175-3-0; 3rd M Hall, peg 3, 158-3-0.

Thu Pm, Top Pond: 1st M Foy, peg 40, 67-4-0. Marc’s method was pole pellet for bream and carp. 2nd R Patching, peg 31, 54-13-0; 3rd A Wordsworth, peg 23, 45-3-0.

Sherwood Forest Fishery: Wed Summer Fun League, Holmedale: 1st S Skelton, Middy, peg 28, 226-0-0. Simon used 8mm pellets pole-fished at 13m, switching to paste in the margins late on to net carp. 2nd A Lakey, Worksop Angling Supplies, peg 24, 178-12-0; 3rd M Brown, Eastwood Angling, peg 45, 168-7-0.

Sun Pm, Holmedale: 1st M Brown, Eastwood Angling, peg 26, 157-3-0. Martyn won using pole with paste over feed pellets down margins to land 29 carp. 2nd B Holmes, Matrix Trentman, peg 17, 135-14-0; 3rd A Topham, James Maude Linden AC, peg 42, 131-10-0.

Charity Open Match to be held on Holmedale Lake Saturday 31st August; entry fee £20, draw at 12pm, 1-7pm. Guaranteed £50 pool.

Hallcroft Fisheries: Mon Veterans Open, Bridge: 1st R Holmes, Notts AA, peg 42, 102-10-0; 2nd I Donaldson, Hallcroft, peg 22, 92-14-0; 3rd R Bell, Doncaster, peg 29,

Tue Pm, Moat Island: 1st D Dare, Marukyu, peg 5, 127-14-0; 2nd A Bailey, Doncaster, peg 37, 107-10-0; 3rd K Talbot, Hallcroft, peg 40, 107-0-0.

Wed Junior Series, Croft: 1st Luke Woodcock, Worksop, peg 27, 33-12-0; 2nd Jake Amedola, Hallcroft, peg 20, 31-10-0; 3rd Rosie Muxloe, Hallcroft, peg 21, 22-8-0.

Thu Veterans Open, Moat: 1st B Sullivan, Maltby, peg 110, 83-14-0; 2nd B Poole, Retford, peg 9, 71-12-0; 3rd I Temple, Retford, peg 106, 70-12-0.

Fri Open, Moat: 1st M Hall, Tuxford, peg 40, 152-10-0; 2nd J Masson, Marukyu, peg 49, 132-10-0; 3rd C Line, Retford Angling Centre, peg 43, 128-10-0.

Sat Open, Moat Island: 1st J Masson, Marukyu, peg 43, 107-10-0; 2nd G Gibson, Worksop, peg 46, 79-12-0; 3rd M Leck, Doncaster, peg 37, 74-12-0.

Sat Clubman Semi-Final, Moat Outer and Canal Pond: 1st W Corbett, Woodhouse EX, peg C14, 86-6-0; 2nd S Pimperton, TNT, peg M110, 73-8-0; 3rd S Else, peg C12, 72-10-0.

Sun Open, Moat: 1st A Oldham, Frenzze, peg 80, 154-10-0; 2nd A Higginbottom, Matrix Trentmen, peg 14, 147-12-0; 3rd S Sheperd, Map Leegem, peg 55, 129-15-0.


Stanley Street Social Club, Snake Lake Aston: 1st M Kirton, peg36, 58-14-0. Mel alternated between long and short pole, maggot and pellet for a mixed bag. 2nd M Pogson, peg 46, 55-8-0; 3rd J Moore, peg 44, 50-14-0.

Tuesday Club, Little John Fishery, Robin Hood Lake: 1st S Whitehouse, peg 21, 102-10-0. Sid’s in-line feeder approach did the trick for all-carp. 2nd M Kirton, peg 7, 100-8-0; 3rd B Perkins, peg 22, 97-6-0.

Worksop & District AA, Fundraiser Open, Sandhill Lake: 1st Stokes, peg 64, 51-8-0. All bream for Shaun, fishing corn on groundbait-feeder. 2nd P O’Donovan, peg 23, 21-11-0; 3rd S Goulding, peg 25, 21-11-0.

Kilton Inn, Lodge Farm, Field Pond: 1st B Pool, 102-12-0; 2nd G Bodis, 98-1-0; 3rd T Draper, 96-9-0. Brian broke the ton barrier to win.

Toft Newton, 95 anglers caught 239 fish for a 2.52 average, with boat fishing or keeping mobile on the bank producing best results.

If you have an angling story or picture, email [email protected] or call 07815 308463.

Tight lines!