Sky is hiking broadband and TV bills by £43 for millions of customers

Sky to hike broadband and TV bills for millions of customers by £43 (Shutterstock)Sky to hike broadband and TV bills for millions of customers by £43 (Shutterstock)
Sky to hike broadband and TV bills for millions of customers by £43 (Shutterstock)

Millions of Sky customers may have to pay an extra £43 a year as the firm hikes its broadband and TV bills.

The price rises will kick in from April and will see the average TV and broadband customer pay more than £3 extra per month.

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How much will prices increase?

The average TV and broadband customer will pay an additional £3.60 a month, according to Sky.

However, the amount customers pay will depend on the Sky plan you have and if you are in a contract.Sky TV will rise by £1 a month to £2 from April.

The box office deal will jump from £11 to £12 a month and BT sport will rise by £1 to £28 a month.

Broadband customers are also facing a £3.50 hike, with essential and superfast internet packages rising to £27 and £30.50 a month respectively.

Sky HD customers will see a £1 increase from £7 to £8.

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The price hikes come after inflation soared to another 30-year-high of 5.5% on Wednesday as the cost of living crisis continues.

Millions of households are already struggling with rising costs, with energy, food and tax bills all going up this year.

When will the price hike come into effect?

All changes to Sky broadband and TV bills will come into effect from 1 April 2022.

UK landline and mobile talk rates will increase to 2p per minute to 22p from 1 May 2022.

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Sky Mobile is also introducing roaming charges in the European Union with a daily cost cap of £2.

Any affected customers will be notified and contacted from 16 February 2022 and will be updated before 24 March by email or post.

In 2021, the telecoms giant increased bills by as much as £72 a year, but the average jump was £36 annually.

A Sky spokesman said: “We know price increases are never welcome so we aim to keep prices as low as possible while still delivering the content customers love, the flexibility to choose the right package, and our leading customer service.”

Virgin Media has already announced price hikes of an average of 4% from 1 March 2022, while BT, TalkTalk and Vodaphone are increasing prices by as much as 9%.

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