Worksop: Outrage over disabled homeless pensioner

A disabled pensioner says he has been sleeping rough on the streets of Worksop because he does not want to go into a care home.

Wednesday, 19th February 2014, 3:27 pm
Disabled pensioner Stanley Hill is homeless on the streets of Worksop

Seventy-four-year-old Stanley Hill, who uses a wheelchair and is diabetic, says he is currently sleeping in shop doorways on the high street.

Worksop residents and passers-by have expressed their concern at Mr Hill’s situation, including John Birmingham, who says he has contacted Bassetlaw and Notts councils on Mr Hill’s behalf.

He claims that the council have told Mr Hill the only accommodation they can provide would be in a care home, an offer which Mr Hill has refused as he is frightened of being ‘isolated and abused.’

Mr Birmingham said: “This is downright neglect and I want to expose it for what it is. This man won’t survive out here and something needs to be done immediately.”

Michelle Cardwell, a trader on Worksop market, said she found it upsetting to see Mr Hill sat in a shop doorway across from her stall.

She said: “I have been feeling useless and extremely frustrated by it all.”

“I don’t understand why nothing is being done for this man - it is a disgrace.”

Mr Hill has been offered sheltered accommodation in the past but was evicted after smoking his room.

He said: “There have been times when I have truly felt like doing myself in over this.”

“The council have told me it’s a care home or nothing. I would rather keep my freedom and live rough on the streets than be locked away.”

Coun Alan Chambers of Bassetlaw Council said: “We continue to work closely with Notts County Council who have offered Mr Hill appropriate accommodation, which he has refused. In addition, A1 Housing is willing to provide him with accommodation if he fully engages with Social Services. This has been explained clearly to Mr Hill, yet he still refuses to engage.”

Coun Garry Mckay of Notts County Council said: “We have offered Mr Hill a short-term residential placement whilst permanent housing is found for him. We have also offered to carry out a full assessment of his social care needs to find out what care and support he requires.”