Thoresby: Campaigner demands action on closure-threatend pit

Thoresby Colliery is set to close next yearThoresby Colliery is set to close next year
Thoresby Colliery is set to close next year
Almost two months after UK Coal announced that Thoresby Colliery was facing closure, local campaigner Léonie Mathers is calling on the Government to ensure vital talks take place to stop the pit closing next year.

In a letter to Energy Secretary Michael Fallon MP, Miss Mathers argued that potential outside investors have approached UK Coal and the company should do more to engage with them.

Miss Mathers, who has met with some of the potential investors, condemned the lack of Government pressure on UK Coal to explore all possible options and urged Mr Fallon to act before it is too late.

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If the first wave of redundancies is triggered as planned before the end of this month, it would mark the start of a phased closure over the next 18 months.

“It’s clear there are some serious investors coming forward who are asking for the opportunity to stop next year’s planned closure,” said Miss Mathers,

“Neither UK Coal nor the Government appear to have taken any steps to engage with them.”

“With time running out, it’s absolutely vital ministers act now to stop the first redundancies and to get a long-term plan in place.”