Retford & Harworth: Front counter at Retford police station could be closed and Harworth station set to be sold under new proposals

Retford police station's front counter could be closedRetford police station's front counter could be closed
Retford police station's front counter could be closed
The front counter at Retford police station could be axed, while Harworth police station is set to be sold and officers relocated to a new building at the Town Hall under new proposals being considered by Notts Police.

A range of proposals for changes to police bases and front counter services have been announced as part of the force’s review into transforming the ways in which the public contact the force.

Since 2011 the amount of buildings and front counters which local police teams operate from has changed significantly.

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And the force feels that to provide greater choice and convenience for the public, new and innovative ways to contact them need to be introduced or developed.

Under the proposals to be considered, nine front counters, including Worksop would remain open.

But seven, including Retford, would close, although the station itself would appear likely to remain open.

Bassetlaw Council member for Retford West, Coun Alan Chambers, said the proposal to close the Retford front counter would be bad for the town.

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“Any closure of any pubic service is bad news and it looks like it’s going to happen,” he said.

“Bassetlaw seems to have taken a kick in the teeth when it comes to police cuts.”

“The people of Retford need a police presence here in the town. “

“I hope a way will be found for the Retford counter to stay open.”

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At Harworth, the proposal is to relocate officers to a new base within an extension at Harworth Town Hall and sell the existing police station building.

Bassetlaw Council member for Harworth, Coun Dave Challinor, said the plan for Harworth was good for the area as it would enable a police presence to be retained in the town.

“By moving the police to a new building at the Information Centre at the Town Hall, we would be able to have a modern police station in the town and retain that front counter that makes people feel at ease,” he said.

“We knew we needed to make changes in the wake of police cuts and by going forward with this plan, we can meet the needs of those cuts while at the same time ensuring there is a police station in Harworth .”

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Notts Assistant Chief Constable Simon Torr added: “Advances in technology and changes in people’s lifestyles, combined with the ongoing budget pressures we face, mean that the future of front counters in their traditional sense must be reviewed..”

“We are constantly seeking to improve the service we offer to the public and we are working hard to ensure that our service matches what people need and want from their local police.”

“Please remember that no decisions have yet been made and these proposals are still under discussion.”

“Officers, staff and volunteers will continue to be kept updated on developments.”