New book hiding craze in South Yorkshire is a new fun way to get children reading

Families across South Yorkshire are joining in with a unique game of hide and seek as a fun way to get children reading more.
Wonder if anyone has found this book yet?Wonder if anyone has found this book yet?
Wonder if anyone has found this book yet?

Lea McNulty from North Anston set up the Look for a book South Yorkshire Facebook Group and the idea is children hide a book they have read around the area for other children to find, read and then rehide it ready for someone else to find.

Lea said: "The idea stemmed from a north east look for a book group my mum invited me to join and I thought the idea was amazing.

"It's a simple game of hide and seek where children hide books around the local area for others to find and enjoy then hide again for others.

"I have always been an avid reader and the thought of trying to make it fun for children again was exciting.

"The aim is to try and get children away from electronic devices and get them out in the fresh air finding fun in books.

"And it's a fun and free way to spend time with their family and friends.

"I'd like for as many children as possible start seeing books as exciting again.

"At the moment the group only has around 500 members but the more people we can get on board the more books we can have circulating. It's really easy to join in."

All you need to do to take part is take a children's book, place it in a waterproof wrapper with a note encouraging the finder to read, rehide and post your find on the Facebook page and then leave the book out in your local area, such as parks, shops, for another child to find and enjoy.

Lea said: "You could even add a chart so the journey of the book can be followed. Please also share photo clues when your books are hid so people know where to search.

"Happy hiding and hunting."

Similar groups have also been seen across other parts of the UK including Nottingham and Derby.

Hiding places so far have included Greenlands Park, Woodsetts Park, Mester Woods and Dinnington market.