I do not support fracking!

It came as a shock to see Bassetlaws MP on television telling viewers that he felt that the public, I assume he meant of Bassetlaw, would support fracking.

Even given the latest ‘incentives’ (bribes ?) to cash strapped Local Government and promises of jobs in the industry here is one Bassetlaw resident who will not be supporting this industry.

Having read reports from Universities that have studied this industry and listened to debates on radio and TV we are being asked to support an industry that could devastate our country.

When mere exploration in Lancashire leads to two minor earthquakes with much more serious damage being caused in America the impact of wholesale destruction of the ground beneath our feet is too serious to leave in the hands of industry and politicians.

Some European Countries have refused to allow fracking at any price.

Pollution of our water supply, destabilisation of our countryside, massive numbers of lorries to sites around us are all reasons why we must oppose this dash to frack. This will affect your home as planned sites are all around us.

I am amazed that an MP who opposes wind turbines can support this much more damaging activity!

Read the information that is freely available on the internet and you decide if the so-called benefits outweigh the actual and potential destruction this industry causes.

Mr P. Skelding

(via email)