Need healing? Chakra can says cyclist

If you know a bit about alternative therapies then you’ll probably know something about realigning your chakras.
Feature on reiki healer Len Jones, Len is pictured with Guardian features writer Helen Johnston (w130412-2d)Feature on reiki healer Len Jones, Len is pictured with Guardian features writer Helen Johnston (w130412-2d)
Feature on reiki healer Len Jones, Len is pictured with Guardian features writer Helen Johnston (w130412-2d)

But for those of you who don’t know your root chakra from your third eye, it’s all about getting rid of the stress which can cause physical health problems.

I wasn’t sure what to expect when reiki healer Len Jones said he was going to sort out my chakras but he said all I had to do was relax - easier said than done.

He told me to close my eyes and within minutes I did feel relaxed, to the point of feeling sleepy.

I sat in a chair and Len just placed his hands at various locations near my head and body, never actually touching me.

It lasted about 20 minutes and he finished by clearing my auras, shaking his hands around me and then ‘earthing’ himself by placing his hands on the wall.

“You will sleep really well tonight,” Len reassured me, telling me the effects would last for a few days.

I did sleep well that night, but the positive effects didn’t last. The next day I started with a sore throat which developed into a bad cold.

I never felt any heat from Len’s hands, which he said some people experience.

“Some say they see different colours, and some have described the feeling that water is running over them,” he said.

Len, 73, of North Road, Retford, is remarkably fit for a man his age, which he puts down to years of racing cycling and the benefits of reiki.

“I feel like a teeanger,” he laughed.

He qualified in reiki in 2005 after doing a sports massage course at college, and he has treated professional cyclists and golfers.

PGA golf professional Stuart Betteridge said Len treated him when he was suffering from an abcess under a tooth.

“I was in incredible pain but afterwards I didn’t have any pain,” Stuart said.

His wife Louise also had amazing results when she went to Len suffering with fibromyalgia.

Stuart said: “She could barely swing a golf club, but now she is back playing golf. She holds Len in very high regard.”

It was while Len was suffering from sciatic pain in the 1980s that he was first introduced to reiki healing.

“I had four slipped discs because I was doing heavy manual work with the haulage company I ran. When the sciatica came on I couldn’t walk more than 200 yards without having to rest my leg for 20 minutes until the pain had eased off,” he said.

“After the reiki I was fine and I always wanted to learn more about it after that.”

Len said he has been told he has a natural ability for reiki and he doesn’t get drained by it, as some healers do.

“Some healers have to go and lie down afterwards, but I can just carry on,” he said.

Len, who is married, has a treatment room at home and charges £25 an hour, or £12.50 for half an hour.

For more information call him 01777 704996.

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