Gainsborough: Standard launches the Gainsborough Community Awards

The Standard is launching the Gainsborough Community Awards which will celebrate the best of the local community and local education.

Thursday, 15th May 2014, 2:37 pm
Gainsborough Community Awards

Editor, Ben Green, said: “There are many reasons to be proud of Gainsborough but the main one is the incredible people who live and work here to make it such a fantastic community.”

“I am incredibly proud to be involved with these awards as they recognise our area’s true heroes, the unsung people of courage and commitment who deserve recognition the most.”

There are a number of categories for you to nominate someone for an award.

Most Improved Student Award (sponsored by Gainsborough College): Do you know someone who has perhaps not always found academics easy but strives to succeed and has improved their grades throughout the school year? Are they on course for excellent results in the future.

Best Teacher of the Year: The Panel is looking for individuals who inspire devotion and respect from their students in equal measure, as well as forging strong relationships with parents and going beyond the call of duty to improve school life inside and outside the classroom.

Best Teaching Assistant of the Year: The judges would like to reward the adaptable, hardworking people who make teachers lives easier with their constant support, while improving the learning experience for our district’s youngsters and in many cases providing invaluable help for pupils with special needs and producing dramatic results.

Best Headteacher of the Year (sponsored by Cliff Bradley Funeral Directors): The judges are hoping to hear tales of inspirational leaders who have turned school around, of heads who thrive on a daily challenges and those who enthuse staff as well as pupils to give 100 per cent.

Sporting Achievement (sponsored by Ping): This award recognises individuals who have proved outstanding achievement in a specific sporting field.

Child of Courage: We are looking for a child who has shown exceptional courage in their life. They may have overcome great odds or made sacrifices above and beyond the call of duty. This category is open to any child aged 16 or under.

Fundraiser of the Year: This award recognises individuals/groups that by their hard work and dedication have made a difference to a charity or cause.

Outstanding Bravery: The search is underway for inspiring stories about men and women who have saved the life of another in remarkable or difficult circumstances.

Emergency Services: This award recognises a members or members of the police, fire or ambulance service who have gone beyond the call of duty.

Community Spirit: This award recognises individuals/groups working at the heart of communities to deliver improvements and change with lasting benefits.

Environmental Champion (sponsored by Freewatt): This award recognises an individual or group whose actions prove that by making one degree of difference to their local environment people, people can make a difference to the broader community.

Neighbour of the Year: A neighbour who may have been a good friend and who has supported you and/or family, or who you think has made a significant contribution to your neighbourhood.

Inspiring Personality of the Year (sponsored by Ping): This award recognises, encourages and rewards people who not only make a difference in the community, but inspire and instil confidence in others to take part in community life and contribute to a better future for everyone. If there is someone who want to nominate, or you wish to sponsor an award email Event manager, Haroldine Lockwood, at [email protected] with your nomination, stating the award you wish to nominate, along with your details, details of the nominee and your reasons for nominating.