Blyth: Vicar leads ‘flash mob’ dance at wedding

A vicar from Blyth has become a worldwide internet sensation after joining in a wedding disco celebration.

By Sam Chetwynd
Tuesday, 25th June 2013, 2:31 pm
Guardian News
Guardian News

Kate Bottley, of St Mary’s and St Martin’s Church, stunned the congregation at the wedding of Tracy and Gary Richardson by dancing in the aisle.

The bride and groom wanted to add a twist to their wedding ceremony and found the perfect answer when they were planning their ceremony.

Kate suggested they incorporate a ‘flash mob’ - an impromptu public ­dance - into their service, and the couple agreed.

Guardian News

A three-minute video showing the couple and Kate breaking into a dance routine to club classic Everybody Dance Now by C&C Music Factory, has now become a huge internet hit.

Kate told the Worksop Guardian that she was joking when she suggested the flash mob idea.

“I always have meetings with my bride and grooms and say if their is anything they want to do to personalise their service, then just ask.”

“I am finding increasingly our couples want to sprinkle their service with elements of themselves.”

“Tracy and Gary wanted to do something fun but they didn’t know what. I jokingly suggested a flas hmob and Tracy said that’s a great a idea.”

“We were in rehearsals for eight weeks and their family and friends put a great deal of effort into it.”

“We did make sure it was done sensitively and waited until they had exchanged their vows before starting. There is a balance to be struck.”

“The Church of England believes in marriage and weddings and their importance and we are going to get some people who don’t think it’s appropriate.”

“I think the video shows that most people are up for joining in. I hope that the joy expressed in the video sets the tone for the rest of their marriage and life together.”

Tracy, Gary and Kate are quickly joined in the dance by members of the 100-strong congregation.

Tracy, from Rotherham, said: “There were just 28 people in the congregation who knew about it who were strategically placed around to join in at different times. By the end everyone is joining in.”

“Even Aunty Eileen and Aunt Betty liked it - they are the two you can see getting up in the video and walking away. It’s just Aunty Eileen taking Aunt Betty to the loo.”

“We never dreamed it would get to this - it’s gone berserk.”

“We keep looking at each other and laughing because we can’t believe how mad it’s gone. We only posted the video on YouTube so our friends and family could see it while we were out of the country on honeymoon.”

Tracy, who volunteers for the Blu Crew - which raises funds for Bluebell Wood Children’s Hospice - said the couple hoped the video would not been seen as disrespectful.

“It wasn’t a comedy service. It was a beautiful service and was touching, reflective and religious. Our intention wasn’t to be disrespectful,” she said.

“This was just three minutes of our wonderful service that lasted an hour and 15 minutes.”

The dance routine was choreographed by Dawn Cherry, who is also a member of Blu Crew, and money raised at the ceremony will go to Bluebell Wood Children’s Hospice.

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