Bassetlaw: Children are living in poverty in 2014

The number of children who are living in poverty in Bassetlaw is above the national average, according to figures published by the Office for National Statistics.

Thursday, 20th November 2014, 4:00 pm
Child poverty

These figures show that 18.4 per cent, or 3,700 children are living in poverty from birth up to 16-years-old.

However Notts County Council has published figures showing that if the age bracket is expanded by two years, the numbers improve slightly and 16.4 per cent of children from birth up to 18-years-old from Bassetlaw are classed as living in poverty.

The numbers published by the council fall slightly below the national average in England.

Coun Liz Plant, committee vice-chairman for children and young people’s services at Notts County Council, said: “Poverty can have a profound impact on the child, their family, and the rest of society.”

“It often sets in motion a deepening spiral of social exclusion, creating problems in education, employment, mental and physical health and social interaction.”

“We understand that tackling child poverty will improve the life chances of children and their parents now and in years to come.”

“Tackling child poverty is everybody’s business. It should be reflected in agency plans across the board.”

The council is now proposing about 12 actions as part of its continuing plan to tackle child poverty across the county.

This is all part of their child poverty strategy scheme.

Some of the proposals made by the council include: Increasing families’ money management skills, ensuring that families at risk of homelessness are effectively supported and to help schools to further develop effective family support.

An investigation carried out by the charity Shelter uncovered the emotional turmoil children go through whilst living in poverty and deprivation.

The report stated that whilst living in poor conditions, over half the children have been affected emotionally and mentally.

Some were found to have suffered from depression, panic attacks and bed wetting.

Across the country,the number of children living in poverty and who will be homeless this Christmas in England stands at 90,000.

The figures also exposed that the number of families living in bed and breakfasts and who are exposed to drug taking and alcohol abuse has doubled in the last three years.

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