Nottingham Forest blog: Stuart Pearce is not the right manager for our club, but Nigel Pearson is

I will not even bother to touch on the on field events of the last two Forest matches, it is more appropriate to speculate on who our next manager will be?

I have said all season that Stuart Pearce is not the man for Forest and if you care to look at his previous managerial record; he is not the man for any club!

We can all wonder what Sean O’Driscoll would have done with the players that Davis and Pearce have had at their disposal.

I’m guessing that he would have done better than the pair of them to be honest.

However, both king Billy and Psycho’s appointments were massively influenced by the Forest faithful.

The chairman has listened to the voice of the supporters twice and been let down on both occasions, so don’t be surprised to find that Fawaz will go solo in his next venture for a leader.

Initially he looked at the proven journeymen of the division, your Warnock’s and McCarthy’s of this world before taking the fans favourites.

So this gives us a clue as to who will be filling Pearce’s boots when he does indeed go.

I don’t believe Stuart should be sacked, he like any other manager should be graced with a full season to prove himself. I would like to think that he would walk before being pushed though.

So, if we are dealing with guys who have previously mastered the Championship table we will indeed see the likes of Warnock, Keane, McCarthy and Coyle on the list.

None of which I would welcome apart from McCarthy and as for keane….If he ever takes charge, I will give up my season ticket!

There are two very interesting candidates currently working in the top flight, Sean Dyche and Nigel Pearson. Dyche had a spell at Forest in his younger days and Pearson is a Nottingham lad.

I would put money on the latter, I can see Leicester being relegated and Pearson leaving at the season’s end. He doesn’t pander to the fans and he is a decent tactician at Championship level, the Premiership may be a bridge too far for him, but Fawaz is desperate just to actually get there.

People have mentioned Nigel Clough, but the Forest chairman would not gamble on a “Fans man” again!

I’m sure this will open a can of worms as far as opinions go, but I promise you that no matter who you would like to see in charge, this next one will be the chairman’s call.

Just Ku-wait and see!!!