Feature: What type of sports fan are you?

Sunderland supporters captured during the 1-1 draw at the Stadium of Light against BournemouthSunderland supporters captured during the 1-1 draw at the Stadium of Light against Bournemouth
Sunderland supporters captured during the 1-1 draw at the Stadium of Light against Bournemouth
Britain is a country full of sport fanatics on all ends of the spectrum. Whether it's football or bowls, motor sport or bridge, the fans are people from all walks of life who will put their heart and soul into sport.

I’ve been to various sports events ranging from Wimbledon to a Mansfield Town fixture. Here’s a few observations of different types of fans.

The pundit

The Pundit claims to know every single tiny going on at a club or in a sport and will let any one know the latest goings on, whether it’s a coming change in pie prices or how much a player is going to be sold for down to the last penny. This person is your handbook, however may start all of his conversations with “I’m a (insert sport) fan and…” There will be a guaranteed groan.

The Coach

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The Coach is the guy who thinks he’s got it to be the manager. He should be pitch side taking his team to victory. This fan will analyse every move and be making changes to team formation… if only.

The dictator

This is the guy who is stood up throughout the whole match rallying his troops and giving it some at the referee. Be careful of beer spillages and pie splatters during a goal. This guy isn’t friendly for the small person peering from behind.

The posh one who wants to join in

I mean David Cameron. How embarrassing for him that he got the football team he supports wrong. However the same can’t be said for Prince William and Harry who are genuine football and rugby supporters.

The barmy army

This is the group of guys in the crazy costumes, or on the odd occasions just the one guy who sticks out like a sore thumb. Another type of fan under this category is the guy who shouts the one-liners, thinking he’s Peter Kay talking to Wembley.

The patriotic fan

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Britain is one of the most patriotic countries in the world. We love our queen and country and the same goes for our sport teams. There was no denying the country came together as the biggest fan base on earth during the 2012 Olympics. Towns and cities a like came together to support our country every step of the way. We were proud to be team GB. As much as we won’t admit it we also throw in all the support for our national football team. They sometimes do poorly but we come crawling back every time to give them our support.

So I conclude with that we are a nation of sport fans who will show passion in various weird and wonderful ways. There’s nothing quite like the English sport fans who really do thrive in stadiums up and down the country.

If you have an observation on anything sporting, email [email protected] and let us now your views.