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Rocket scientists and brain surgeons are no smarter than the rest of us, suggests a new study.

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Researchers compared the intelligence of 329 aerospace engineers (rocket scientists) and 72 neurosurgeons (brain surgeons) with 18,257 members of the general public.

A new study has revealed that surgeons are not smarter than the rest of us (photo: getty)A new study has revealed that surgeons are not smarter than the rest of us (photo: getty)
A new study has revealed that surgeons are not smarter than the rest of us (photo: getty)

These two jobs are well-known through phrases such as "It's not rocket science!" and "It's not brain surgery!" You use this when you don't think something is difficult. But the results suggests that all three groups showed a wide range of intelligence. Go us!

All participants completed an online test to measure different skills, including planning, reasoning, memory and attention. Factors such as gender and experience were taken into account.

When the scores were compared, rocket scientists showed no significant differences to the general public in any of the categories. Brain surgeons solved problems faster than the general public but showed a slower memory recall speed.

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The study has been published in the Christmas issue of The British Medical Journal.


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By Molly, Connie, Jared and Jemima, Newton Primary School

At our school, we are really passionate about saving animals and the environment. This autumn, the whole school planted a crocus bulb each in the ground around the main entrance.

This came to nearly 500 bulbs altogether! It was really easy to do- we just peeled back the turf and pushed the bulbs into the soil.

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Ready to get plantingReady to get planting
Ready to get planting

When the bulbs have grown into flowers, it will multiply and eventually become a lovely meadow of spring colour.

The flowers will also be good for the climate and a great source of pollen and sweet nectar for all the bees in the local area.

Another reason to plant the bulbs was for mental health. The idea was that a bulb could represent something that had made us feel sad, maybe during lockdown. You could imagine that the sadness had been buried along with your bulb, then you could watch it grow into something bright and cheerful and positive.



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