Eddie Izzard to quit comedy and stand as a Labour MP in next election

Comedian Eddie Izzard has announced that he intends to quit comedy and run as a Labour MP in the next election.

The writer told his audience he wanted to ‘make a change’ and for everyone in society to ‘have a chance’ at a recent stand-up show at Leicester Square Theatre in London’s West End.

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Izzard said: ‘That is why I have made the decision to now stand as a Member of Parliament. I am going to be an MP.’

The 58-year-old has been a Labour Party member for most of his adult life and has donated thousands of pounds.

He previously ran twice for a seat in the party’s National Executive Committee, failing to be elected both times.

In March 2018, he replaced Christine Shawcroft after her resignation and served until the summer of 2018 when he came ninth in the election.

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Strongly pro-European

Izzard is strongly pro-European and in 2018 he backed calls for a second EU referendum saying “there’s a lot of angry people out there who want their future back".

He added: “The European Union was set up to stop world wars and people have forgotten that.

“I think a lot people who voted Leave are now seeing how negative things have been going in the last two years, how difficult it is to smash everything up, and that we’re going to make people poorer in this country.

“So a second referendum, a People’s Vote, is inevitable.”

The actor made these comments when he picked up an honorary doctorate from York St. John University in July 2019.

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Completed 29 marathons in 29 days

He has also just completed a staggering 29 marathons in 29 days as part of his pro-Europe Make Humanity Great Again charity appeal.

Izzard ran in nations including Germany, Poland, Greece, Romania, Ireland and France.

He has so far received more than £136,000 of donations which will go to a number of charities including Unicef.

I am running through 28 capital cities of the world wearing this cap. If you would like to buy one (profits go to charity) & help Make Humanity Great Again, please just click here https://t.co/js3p6gJJet pic.twitter.com/KpgLo35AQ1

— Eddie Izzard (@eddieizzard) February 15, 2020