Yobs force closure of Creswell property

A group of yobs in Creswell stirred up so much anti-social behaviour and distress for local residents that a property in the village has been closed down and sealed for up for three months.

By Sophie Wills
Wednesday, 3rd June 2015, 12:23 pm
Bolsover District Council
Bolsover District Council

Bolsover Council successfully obtained a Closure Order for the property under the new ASB tools and powers legislation introduced in 2014.

Large numbers of people were regularly visiting the tenant of the council owned property and caused untold distress and problems to nearby residents- including threatening behaviour, abuse and damage to properties.

Despite visits by the council and police, and several warnings being issued to the tenant, the nuisance continued.

Following the service of a Closure Notice on the tenant on Tuesday 19th May the courts granted a Closure Order on Thursday 21st May.

The premises have now been sealed for up to three months and if anyone enters the property during this period they will be liable to face prosecution.

Cabinet member for housing, Coun John Ritchie said: “It is simply not acceptable for people to do what they want with no regard for others.”

“Hopefully this should serve as warning that we will not put up with anti social behaviour of any type, and we will take the toughest measures at our disposal to tackle the problem.”