Worksop weather: It's freezing in the South and mild in northern Scotland . . . this is where Worksop sits in the national picture

With the UK experiencing some pretty variant weather today, this is where Worksop sits as part of the national picture.
Here's what to expect todayHere's what to expect today
Here's what to expect today

It’s a day of extremes with parts of southern England seeing lows of -9C today, forecasters are warning - as the UK experiences an unusual divide in the weather.

But not everyone is shivering through January.

A change in wind direction means it is pretty mild in Scotland, and temperatures could reach 12C or 13C (53.6F to 55.4F) in Aberdeenshire later today.

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Worksop and Bassetlaw are somewhere in the middle today, with highs of 9C and lows of 3C. The day will be a mixture of cloudy skies with sunny spells and the windchill factor wil make it feel no warmer than 5C.

The rest of the week will see a relatively similar picture, with highs of 10C tomorrow and lows of 2C on Thursday, but expect today to see the last of the sunshine until next week.