Flooding worse than 2007 says Worksop resident who has been 'humbled' by caring residents in town

A Worksop woman has said she has been humbled and even brought to tears by caring residents in the town who have offered her help following the recent floods.

By Jessica Dallison
Monday, 11th November 2019, 4:41 pm
Updated Monday, 11th November 2019, 4:44 pm

Susan Hale, who owns La Roca, said her restaurant was "heavily" hit by the floods on Friday morning.

Which she said has left her "devastated" and is now relocating the tapas bar to The Malt House while the restaurant on Newcastle Avenue is out of use.

The 43-year-old said: "La Roca was about to celebrate its second year open at the start of December.

Floods in the town - taken by La Roca.

"We were happy to make it to the first anniversary, but now we are starting from scratch.

"I am still a bit numb and trying to get my head around everything.

"The water was up to my knees in the restaurant, I dread to think what it will cost to put it right.

"We had sandbags but it didn't stop anything, but there are people who have lost more than me.

"It is a little bit overwhelming - I think 50 businesses have been hit - most of them independent.

"Places will be shut for weeks, some business have told me they will be closed for a minimum of six weeks.

"That is all of their festive trading gone and for a lot of people that is their main income."

Bassetlaw council issue update on Worksop floodsShe has also thanked her customers who have agreed to keep bookings - even if they are at a different venue.

She added: "People have said they want to support us.

"And, people have been offering to help, I am so humbled by it.

"The community has come together, an old Worksop spirit is something I have felt over the past few days.

"I know if the community is behind us then we will come back stronger and make Worksop great again.

"Everyone is looking after each other asking if they need anything - it is that British grit - to see that still there is wonderful.

"The people of Worksop should be proud."

Red Cross Called in to respond to Worksop's flooding crisisSusan, who was born in the town, has also added that the flood was worse than the great flood in 2007 - which set a record water level for the River Ryton.

She said: "It didn't get this bad in 2007.

"I have river alerts on my phone which told me the river reached 2.32m."

The highest ever recorded level of River Ryton was on June 26, 2007, where it reached 2.19m.

Susan added: "No one knew this was going to happen the way it did.

"The fire service were fantastic, they deserve the credit, they got people out so quickly."