Shisha pipe attack between staff at Savanna Rags in Mansfield

A Mansfield man who worked at textile merchant Savanna Rags has appeared in court after beating his colleague with a shisha pipe.

By Danielle Hayden
Wednesday, 2nd September 2015, 6:18 pm
Shisha pipe
Shisha pipe

Hamza Bawa, 31, of George Street, pleaded guilty to assaulting his colleague at his workplace, at Savanna Mill. Forest Road, on June 16.

The prosecution solicitor, Lisa Morris, said that a supervisor witnessed Bawa attacking the victim with both his fists and the large plastic smoking device.

She said: “Mr Bawa was seen with his fist clenched and punched the victim in his face.

“At that point the victim was shouting ‘hit me, hit me’ to the defendant.

“So the defendant took the heavy stand and struck him to the arm.”

It was then heard that Bawa was suspended from his job following the attack.

Morgan Hogarth, defending, said the defendant thought the incident was just them “messing around” and was unaware of any problems between him and his colleague.

Bawa was ordered to pay a total of £340 in fines to the court.

But no compensation was given to the victim because lead magistrate, Mr J Marsh, believes the victim could have provoked the attack.