Rhodesia: Public come out in support of police over handling of canal death incident

Local people have defended the police’s initial decision not to erect a tent over, or screen off the dead body of a woman found in the canal in Rhodesia.

By The Newsroom
Friday, 7th March 2014, 1:54 pm
The police scene was clearly visible to traffic and pedestrians going past on Shireoaks Road
The police scene was clearly visible to traffic and pedestrians going past on Shireoaks Road

The body was wrapped in sheets and laid on the canal bank while initial investigations took place.

However, the scene and body were in full view of traffic and pedestrians going past on Shireoaks Road, including children making their way to school.

This drew criticism from some people, including parents of young people and others who felt more should have been done to get a tent put up over the scene.

On the Guardian’s Facebook page, Vicky Burke said: “She wasn’t even wrapped in a sheet when we first saw her.”

“I think it’s disgraceful the poor lady was there like that for everyone to see.”

Judith Lowe agreed, posting: “If the body was found at 6.50am, surely a tent could have been erected by the time children were going to school?”

“Surely, Worksop police station has such equipment?”

But the majority of posts were supportive of the police and critical of those who stopped to stare at the scene and take pictures.

Gareth Mitchell said: “The police have no equipment to cover a deceased body with them.”

“They had to use what they have and deal to the best of their ability.”

“Remembering that they do have to respect the public and the poor lady but also protect the scene of events for possible evidence if required.”

“They do an amazing job in the face of growing criticism and adversity from an increasingly demanding public.”

“The public who decide to stop and take pictures of this poor women and the officers dealing with the situation should be ashamed.”

Laura Holt posted: Me and my seven-year old daughter saw this. Not a nice thing for a child to see but if the only thing they could do was cover her then fair enough.”

“At least they covered her.”

“Gillian Haslam said: “Leave the police alone, they were trying to recover a dead body.”

“No it wasn’t nice for the kids but at least it was covered up.

And Helena Jones-Brady added: “It’s a disgrace people stopped to take pictures

“The police obviously tried to make the best of a terrible situation and quickly cover her knowing for well there would be children on their way to school”

Police have said they are not treating the death as suspicious and the investigation continues.