POLL: Should fracking tests be carried out underneath Sherwood Forest?

Protest rally against fracking surveys in Sherwood ForestProtest rally against fracking surveys in Sherwood Forest
Protest rally against fracking surveys in Sherwood Forest
After hundreds of people protested against plans to test for shale gas in Sherwood Forest over the weekend, we are you giving you the chance to have your say.

Anti-fracking campaigners are calling on the Government to intervene after it emerged fracking firm Ineos is looking at carrying out surveys beneath the ancient woodland.

A recent Freedom of Information request from Friends of the Earth revealed Ineos, a chemical firm which has licences to look for shale under huge swathes of Nottinghamshire, has plans to undertake initial drilling under the forest – famed for its association with legendary outlaw Robin Hood.

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Ineos could be working within 200 metres of the famous Major Oak, Friends of the Earth have claimed.

However, Mansfield residents are divided over plans for shale gas surveys to take place in Sherwood Forest.

Carrie Green, aged 24, a carer from Mansfield, said: “I really don’t want Sherwood Forest to be touched.

“It’s such a beautiful place. I used to go there as a child, so I have memories there – and I still go now.

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“It needs to be left alone and to be protected. I would be against any fracking there.”

However, not everyone is opposed to the idea, with some saying it could help create jobs in the area and be an energy source.

Ken Richmond, 70, from Mansfield said: “The fact is we need fuel.

“All this about the Major Oak is just scaremongering at the moment.”

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“Fuel is running out and it would be a lot cheaper than importing it and buying it from Russia or wherever, and it would help the area.

“We need more jobs around here, to grow our industry.

“There’s lots of people out of work. It would help.”

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