This is how your local MPs voted on Boris Johnson’s ballot of confidence

Boris Johnson has kept hold of his leadership following a close vote - this is how your local MPs voted in the confidence motion.

Wednesday, 8th June 2022, 11:59 am
Updated Wednesday, 8th June 2022, 11:59 am

Conservative MPs across the country have voted to keep Boris Johnson in power after a vote of confidence was held on June 6.

Boris Johnson won the support of 59 per cent of MPs - but 148 voted to remove him from Downing Street, with many stating a loss of trust in his leadership over the Patygate scandal.

The vote was the worst verdict on a sitting prime minister by their own party in recent times. In December 2018, Theresa May won a confidence vote by a bigger majority of 63 per cent, but was forced to leave office within six months.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson survived a vote of confidence.

Mr Clarke-Smith said: “The Prime Minister has stood firm and has had his mandate reconfirmed. Hopefully we can now put distractions behind us, unite and get on with the job of delivering on people’s priorities.

“This is a good moment for politics and for the country. This result will help us all focus on what matters rather than on the Westminster bubble, and we will deliver on the promises we made in 2019.”

He added: “To put into context, this is a higher percentage of support from MPs than the Prime Minister received in the 2019 leadership contest and also more than Keir Starmer received in the Labour contest.”

Bassetlaw’s neighbouring MPs in Bolsover and Rother Valley have also stood by Mr Johnson.

Rother Valley’s MP, Alexander Stafford, voted in favour of Mr Johnson, stating “now is the time for unity".

Mark Fletcher, the MP for Bolsover, said the Prime Minister had his ‘full support’ as he voted for him in the confidence motion, despite sharing frustrations with the public over the Partygate scandal.

In a statement, he said: "I understand, and share, some of the frustrations of my colleagues and constituents regarding party-gate, but ultimately the PM has apologised for his actions and for the mistakes which were made.

“We have a lot to achieve locally whether that’s delivering infrastructure upgrades to Junctions 28 and 29 of the M1, securing post-16 provision for the constituency, bringing skilled and high paid jobs to the region, or regenerating our high streets.

“It’s time to unite behind the Prime Minister, get on with the job, and deliver on your priorities."

Simon Greaves (Lab), leader of Bassetlaw District Council, said: “The Conservative Party is totally at war with itself.

“Boris Johnson is in office but not in power. His leadership and authority have totally evaporated.

“What angers me is that whilst the Prime Minister and his supporters are hell bent on self preservation and securing promotion - local families and businesses in Bassetlaw are being hammered by rocketing prices, the NHS is in desperate need of investment, and the economy is on the edge.

“For the good of the country the Prime Minister needs to go. The circus needs to end.”

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