Bassetlaw MP proud to fight animal cruelty by backing 'Finn's Law 2'

Brendan Clarke-Smith (right) with PC Dave Wardell and Finn the dog.Brendan Clarke-Smith (right) with PC Dave Wardell and Finn the dog.
Brendan Clarke-Smith (right) with PC Dave Wardell and Finn the dog.
It was back to Westminster this week and probably one of the highlights of my time in Parliament so far, as I got to meet two celebrities in the form of PC Dave Wardell and his heroic dog Finn, writes Brendan Clarke-Smith MP.

Finn was stabbed whilst protecting Dave in the process of arresting a suspect.

‘Finn’s Law’ was then passed, protecting service animals injured in the line of duty, as in the past criminals have tried to use the argument that they were acting in self-defence when attacking these animals.

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This law was long overdue and now now it has moved on to the second part.

‘Finn’s Law 2’, also known as the Animal Welfare (Sentencing) Bill will ensure that the maximum punishment for cruelty to animals is increased from six months to five years in prison.

Many constituents in Bassetlaw have written to me about this issue and I am delighted to be supporting the bill.

There is no excuse for cruelty to animals and it is right that the punishment for this should fit the crime.

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During last week’s Parliamentary recess, I met officials at Worksop Town FC, including president Keith Ilett and prospective new owner Pete Whitehead before the Tigers’ game with Sutton Coldfield.

And while Sutton won 1-0, the best part of the day was to see the passion that the supporters have for this historic club and the tremendous efforts of those involved in trying to save the club.

Messages of support have been pouring in from around the world and the clubs is very close to hitting its fundraising target, which is needed by the end of February, so now it just needs one last big push.

Formed in 1861, Worksop Town is the fourth oldest football club in the world and hopefully this proud history will continue as the club is part of the town’s heritage.

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Finally, some good news from Parliament as this week it approved the biggest increase in councils’ spending power for a decade – ensuring local public services are properly supported, with a 4.4 per cent real terms increase.

Police budgets will also rise by up to £1.1 billion and local authorities will share an additional £2.9 billion this year.

Many of you have contacted me requesting extra police officers and this money is a welcome boost.