Couple raffle £300,000 home near Bassetlaw again after last attempt led to 'abuse and threats'

A couple are again hoping to raffle off their luxury home despite a previous attempt leading to ‘abuse and threats’

By Dale Spridgeon
Tuesday, 5th October 2021, 8:50 am

Jodie Paget, aged 34, and her husband Callum, 33, are hoping to sell enough tickets for someone to win their two bedroom detached Ollerton cottage ‘Forest Side.’

It is the second time the couple’s Blythe Road property, with 3.4 acres has been raffled.

In August, 2020 the pair, who have two sons, tried through the Raffall competition website, then selling tickets at £2 each

Jodie Paget of Raffique who is raffling her Ollerton home

But, according to Jodie, the website crashed an hour before the allotted ticket purchase time was up, and before the value the house value had been achieved –by then it had only raised £219,000, and the house couldn’t be given away.

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“People didn’t understand, they blamed us, we got so much abuse and threats to our family,” she said.

"There were a lot of angry and frustrated entrants. It was all because so many people were trying to buy a ticket it crashed the Raffall website and because of that, they paid us some compensation, which I can’t disclose.

The two bedroom cottage at Ollerton which is up for raffle

"We sold 118,595 tickets, which gave us a revenue of £237,190. Two winners took £88,946 each and the remainder was Raffall’s fee.

"It left a very sour taste in our mouths. If we’d had the full time to sell the tickets, we would have got the full value and someone would have got house.”

Jodie, who runs her own lettings business, is now in business with Leah Marley, 39, from Ilkeston.

The pair have set up Raffique, their own raffle platform and are offering a second chance to win Jodie’s home.

There are 65,000 tickets available, at £10 each, with cheaper early bird offers. The draw is expected to be on February 28.

Jodie said: "We have made good of a bad situation. I received a huge amount of abuse, nobody should go through that.

"Raffique was developed because we could see a gap in the market. We opted to raffle the house again to show we put trust in our own platform.

"We are determined to let this house go this time and hope everyone who joined in last time will do so again.”

She is also appealing for five charity suggestions, to benefit.