Notts: Mann calls for Campbell to resign County Council seat and stand again as independent

Bassetlaw MP John Mann says Ian Campbell should resign his seat on the council and fight for it again as an independent in a by-election.

By The Newsroom
Wednesday, 27th August 2014, 10:05 am
John Mann MP
John Mann MP

Coun Campbell, the member of Retford West, quit the Labour party last week saying he did not like the direction Labour was going in and felt he could better serve the people of Retford as an Independent.

But Mr Mann, himself a Labour MP, says Coun Campbell’s reason’s for quitting are puzzling.

“He seems to be standing down over matters like privatisation of care homes, which isn’t happening, so I don’t quite understand what he’s resigned for,” he said.

“His whole argument appears incoherent.”

“Either way, the honourable thing to do would be resign his seat and stand for it again as an independent.”

“He was only elected 12 weeks ago and he was elected on a Labour mandate.”

“If he felt this way about the Labour position, then he shouldn’t have stood as a Labour candidate and he should fight for the seat again in a by-election.”