Notts: Local writer is taking Nottingham on a space adventure in new audio drama

Very soon, Nottingham will have its very own Doctor Who like drama.

By The Newsroom
Wednesday, 23rd July 2014, 4:00 pm

A spaceship buried underneath the roots of the Major Oak tree at Sherwood Forest is the start of an epic space adventure for Nottingham graphic designer Jason Fox.

Jason Fox, though, is just a fictional, of course, but one Worksop writer is fulfilling his own dreams as the writer taking you on a journey through space with a side of angry government officials and a ruthless alien assassin.

Dan Lacey, 30, has just completed the writing of the second episode of the upcoming audiodrama, OSIRIS, and after introducing the villan, his focus is now on completing the first series of the sci-fi adventure.

It is the first big break for Dan, a careworker by day, who is just enjoying hearing acclaimed actors such as Colin Macfarlane and Robert Whitelock, who features in the recently remade Hercules film, read out his scripts.

“It has been a really good experience so far and I can’t wait to do more,” Dan told the Guardian.

“It has always been a dream to screenwrite, you work random hours but when you see your scripts acted out, it is hard not to sit back and just smile. It’s a great feeling.”

Dan is working closely with the drama’s producer, Martin Johnson, owner of Everybodyelse Productions, and who he knew from the pairs time together at West Notts College more than a decade ago.

Whilst Dan has had to bide his time to break into the industry, Martin got a quick break and is now turning something he loves into his own love child.

“A lot of these dramas are set in places like London, as Doctor Who was, and Manchester and Martin wanted to do something similar,” Dan added.

“It takes around two months to put an episode together so series one may very well go on into next year.

“All the actors doing the voices have been great with it as well. We went down to London recently to voice the second episode and they are really pushing it.

“We don’t want OSIRIS do be a one off. We hope it is successful and want it to go on as long as possible.”

Episode one of OSIRIS will be released on 12th September, whilst episode two follows a month later on 10th October.

Both of the 60-minute productions can be pre-ordered from the Everybodyelse Productions website.