Gainsborough: Fundraisers help raise money to provide a service dog for a young boy with autism

Charley with runners, Laura and RachelCharley with runners, Laura and Rachel
Charley with runners, Laura and Rachel
To help raise money to provide a service dog to assist a Gainsborough woman’s son, who has autism and ADHD, her friends and family put on their running shoes and completed the Lincoln 10k.

Samantha Walford has three children who all suffer from autism and present their own individuals traits and challenges.

Her son, Charley, who is four-years-old, has a tendency to ‘bolt’ without any warning.

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Samantha said: “We can be walking down the street and, in an instant, with no warning at all, he can slip out of your hand before you get chance to tighten your grip.”

“He has outgrown his buggy and his reins are becoming a bit tight now.”

Samantha heard about Service Dogs Europe which focuses on improving the quality of life for families of children and adults living with Autism.

A service dog would be ideal as Charley will be connected to the dog by a belt around his waist and when Charley attempts to ‘bolt’ the dog is trained to sit or lie down and act as an anchor.

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Samantha is now fundraising to raise the money needed to get a service dog for Charley.

Her sister Laura Smith and friend Rachel Tutty ran the Lincoln 10k on Sunday 22nd March and managed to raise over £800.

Samantha said: “I would like to thank everyone for their support and generosity.”

“The staff that work in the stores of Marshall’s Yard and shops near by have all taken sponsor forms to support our cause, which is amazingly heart warming how kind and supportive some of the people have been.”