Gainsborough: Campaigners want free parking despite plans to increase car parks charges

A petition for a free parking scheme in Gainsborough has collected more than 1,300 signatures ready to be presented to West Lindsey District Council.

By The Newsroom
Tuesday, 7th April 2015, 3:08 pm
Indepedence in Gainsborough group are campaigning to get free parking in the town. Picture: Andrew Roe
Indepedence in Gainsborough group are campaigning to get free parking in the town. Picture: Andrew Roe

The Independent Retailers in Gainsborough have teamed up with Gainsborough Town Council in a bid to try and secure a ‘Free Parking Scheme’ in Gainsborough.

However these plans have hit a stumbling block after the council announce they would be increasing parking charges across the district.

The campaigners launched a petition in November last year and it is now ready to be presented to the council.

Guy Crosskill of the Independent Traders group said: “There are around 1,300 signatures from local people and the surrounding areas and support has been high.”

“Unfortunately now West Lindsey District Council have announced the intention to put car parking charges up around the town this is rather frustrating for us.”

“Once time permits I will draft a letter to accompany the petition and then present it to West Lindsey District Council.”

“Realistically I suspect the council will not be supportive, however perhaps if we can keep chipping away we will eventually get some concessions to aid our attempts to improve Gainsborough.”

In the first instance the group are aiming for two or three hours free parking a day but they have not specified a specific time for this at the moment.

A spokesperson from West Lindsey District Council said: “West Lindsey District Council has been made aware that a petition may be presented to the authority in relation to free car parking in Gainsborough.”

“At this moment the content and context is not known to the council, but the matter will be dealt with in accordance with the council’s procedures when received.”

There are a number of car parks in Gainsborough managed by West Lindsey District Council.

These are long stay and short stay car parks and include Roseway, Bridge Street, Ship Court, Whittons Gardens, the Guildhall, North Street and the multi storey in Beaumont Street.

From Monday 13th April the car parks in West Lindsey will see a small price increase.

This decision was made at a full council meeting on Monday 2nd March.

The car parks which will make the changes in charges are Ship Court car park, Whitton Gardens car park, Guildhall in Lord Street, the council car park at the rear of former the Guildhall, council car parks to north and west of former Guildhall, Roseway car park, and Bridge Street car park.