Gainsborough: Calling for a second bridge over the River Trent between Gainsborough and Beckingham

Traffic on the Gainsborough BridgeTraffic on the Gainsborough Bridge
Traffic on the Gainsborough Bridge
Councillors are calling for a second Trent Bridge crossing to be built between Gainsborough and Beckingham as they believe the current crossing is no longer fit for purpose.

The current bridge was originally built in 1791 and widened in 1962 with a concrete deck over the original bridge.

The Liberal Democrat candidate for Bassetlaw, Leon Duveen, said: “At least one of the concrete slabs has begun to work lose and the road surface, which was last re-laid only about seven years ago, is also wearing out.”

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“The problem is that the Gainsborough Bridge is the only crossing between the A57 toll bridge at Dunham and the A18 at Keadby Bridge near Gunness, apart from the M180.”

“Apart from the commuter traffic generated by the many who live one side of the Trent but work or study on the other, the bridge also carries the relentless heavy goods traffic to Northern Lincolnshire and the South Humber ports.”

“Along with our Liberal Democrats colleagues at Gainsborough Town Council and Lincolnshire County Council we are proposing a second bridge be built across the Trent to relieve the traffic on the current bridge and allow for much needed repairs.”

“A site for this second bridge has already been identified along with initial plans for the changes to the road network needed.”

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“Local businesses have already declared their support for this proposal and we are calling onNottinghamshire and Lincolnshire County Councils, as joint owners of the current bridge, to make this a priority in their plans for improvements to the road network.”

Coun Richard Davies, Executive Member for Highways and Transport at Lincs County Council, said, “We’re exploring ways of improving transport in Gainsborough, including better rail services, signage, and other aspects.”

“At present it would be difficult to find a funding stream that would support the building of a new bridge over the Trent.”

“There could be potential if it was part of a much wider town plan for Gainsborough, which would look at greater commercial development and job growth. “

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Kevin Sharman, Notts County Council’s team manager for transport planning, said: “There is no proposal for a crossing between Beckingham and Gainsborough in the County Council’s current Local Transport Plan.”

“This was agreed at Full Council in January 2011 and sets out the Council’s transport priorities until 2026.”

”Any such new scheme would have to be approved and funded through the Local Enterprise Partnership.”

“We will review the current list of safeguarded schemes this calendar year, but have no information regarding this proposal or the justification for it.”