East Midlands: Severn Trent in buoyant mood after positive end-of-year results

Severn Trent Water Logo.Severn Trent Water Logo.
Severn Trent Water Logo.
Severn Trent say they are in good shape after announcing their end-of-year-results.

The company against has the lowest average water and sewerage bills in England and Wales for the fifth year running – a position the company plans to maintain right through to 2020.

Company director Simon Cocks, said: “Overall, we have invested more than £600 million this year and as a result, fewer customers than ever are at risk of sewer flooding.”

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“Supply interruptions are also down and serious pollution incidents are at historic low levels.”

“We’ve invested £120 million of the extra £150 million from efficiency savings we announced in 2012, including an extra £14 million on sewer blockages, £16 million on sewage treatment works and £44million directly targetting and repairing leaks.“