Brave cancer survivor dedicates recovery time to cervical screening campaign

Mansfield Magistrates CourtMansfield Magistrates Court
Mansfield Magistrates Court
A young cancer survivor from Nottinghamshire has launched a campaign to lower the cervical screening age in a bid to raise to save 'as many lives as possible.'

Victoria Cristofis, of Primrose Way, Worksop was 28 when she was diagnosed with cervical cancer in 2014- and says this could have been avoided if she hadn’t ignored letters urging her to attend a routine smear test.

The mum-of-three has since had to undergo a full hysterectomy as well as laser therapy to remove cancerous cells, and has dedicated time that should be spent recovering to raising awareness across the district.

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Victoria, who appeared on Trax FM and shared her story last week, said: “My campaign has become my passion.

“Being diagnosed with a life-threatening disease and having to have a hysterectomy were obviously not pleasant, but my ordeal has made me determined to save others by getting my story out there to the public.

“Cervical cancer is not a death sentence- you can fight it, as I have shown. But it can also be avoided in the first place with a five minute screening. It’s wrong that this is only available to women over 25. I won’t stop until the age is lowered.”

Worksop businesses have thrown their weight behind Victoria’s “Right to Fight” campaign, including Priory Graphics who are printing awareness leaflets and posters to display around Bassetlaw free of charge.

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Bannatyne’s gym on Retford Road have offered to display this campaign material and have even assigned Victoria a personal instructor to help her return to optimum health.

Victoria added: “Worksop photographer Shaun Bailey also gave me a free photoshoot and locally-based make-up artist Jodie Allison made sure I looked my best.

Rachel Wood from Mule Marketing is also taking care of all my publicity for free. I cannot thank everyone enough for their support.”

Visit Victoria’s Facebook page at which includes advice and details about where you can obtain a cervical screening appointment.