Beavers are back in Woodsetts...

MEMBERS of a local Scout group are all smiles again.

The 27th Rotherham, based at Woodsetts, is celebrating the opening of a new Beaver Scout colony as well as being on the look out for new members and adult help to cope with the growing numbers of children wanting to join.

The group, formed in 1930, has provided a diverse range of scouting activities for the community for more than 30 years.

In recent years they have had problems recruiting adult leader support, which is vital in the day-to-day running of the group.

The problems meant to group was forced to scale back its scouting activities and led to the closure of both its Cub and Beaver sections.

Despite being on the brink of closure, the group launched a recruitment drive to try and find adults willing to give up just a few hours a week to help.

Not only has the group secured enough support to re-open its Cub Scout pack, it has also seen some Beavers join - the first for many years.

The opening of the Cub and Beaver sections means that it can now offer activities suitable for children from the age of six.

The new Beaver colony will be led by Alison Jenkinson and already the group is seeing lots of enquiries for new members.

Its success has been so much that it is now looking for more adults willing to give up their time to help.

Assistant district commissioner for Rotherham District Scout Association, Mat Beesley said: “Demand from children wanting to be a Cub, Scout and Beaver has never really gone away, but like many groups Woodsetts has struggled in recent years to obtain the vital adult support needed to supervise activities.”

“The re-opening of both the Cub Scout pack and Beaver Scout colony is a real success story and means that once again, children living in Woodsetts and its surrounding areas can now enjoy a full range of Scouting activities which are available on their doorstep.”

“In fact, such has been the demand for places in the group, that we are now looking for more adult help in order to allow the sections to grow further.”

The Beaver Scout colony is open to children aged between six and eight, and the Cub Scouts for children aged between eight and ten and a half. The groups meet on Monday evenings at Woodsetts Methodist Church, Gildingwells Road.

To find out more or find your nearest group visit or call 0845 300 1818.

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