Bassetlaw: Low income families forced to pay more towards Council Tax

Bassetlaw residents who are eligible for Council Tax reduction will be asked to make a bigger contribution towards their bill from 1st April.

By Sam Chetwynd
Monday, 10th February 2014, 2:42 pm
Bassetlaw District Council, Queen's Buildings
Bassetlaw District Council, Queen's Buildings

Last year, residents who were of working age and had previously received Council Tax Benefit were required to make a contribution of eight per cent of their bill for the first time after Government cuts forced local authorities to reduce their funding.

Further reductions have meant that contributions will need to be raised again, and following a public consultation in October, the council is able to provide 90 per cent reduction in Council Tax for individuals and families who are on low incomes.

Coun Sylvia May, cabinet member for customer and support services at Bassetlaw Council said: “Once again, our hand has been forced by more Government cuts and difficult decisions have had to be made to protect the most vulnerable individuals and families in our district, while still plug a gap in funding.”

“Last year we secured one of the lowest rates in the country and again we have tried to be realistic in what we can ask residents to contribute. The maximum we could have asked for was a 12 per cent contribution, but having carried out a public consultation we have set a level of 10 per cent.”

A typical Band A householder who is eligible for Council Tax reduction could now pay around £107 per year – equivalent to just under £9 each month, if payments are spread over 12 months.

Exemptions will still be in place for pensioners and severely disabled residents who will continue to have their Council Tax Reduction based on 100 per cent of the bill.