Bassetlaw has one of the worst recycling rates in the country

RUBBISH recycling rates have been reported for Bassetlaw - ranking it as one of the worst in the country and sparking one Worksop man to speak out.

WasteDataFlow and DEFRA have announced that Bassetlaw has come 352nd out of 358 authorities in England with a recycling rate of just 23 per cent.

This is compared with Rushcliffe who came 25th with a rate of 54 per cent, and Notts who ranked 136th with 43 per cent .

Chartered Institute of Waste Management member John Simon, 69, from Pinetree Close in Worksop, said that this was not acceptable.

“Quite frankly, I’m just amazed,” he said. “It makes me wonder why the District Councils don’t talk to each other about recycling. How can Rushcliffe be 25th while Bassetlaw ranks so low? What are they doing wrong?”

- FOR THE FULL STORY and Council response see Friday’s Guardian