Bassetlaw: Anti-fracking website launched

Anti-fracking protestors in Bassetlaw have responded to the Government opening the bidding process for fracking licences by launching a new website.

By The Newsroom
Wednesday, 30th July 2014, 8:00 pm
Guardian News
Guardian News

The Bassetlaw Against Fracking Steering Committee decided to take action after the announcement on Monday 28th July.

Fracking involves blasting water, chemicals and sand at high pressure into shale rock formations to release the gas and oil held inside.

David Larder, committee chairman of Bassetlaw Against Fracking, said: “We want people to have the opportunity to understand more about the risks of fracking and the threat to our environment.”

“Not only from using and transporting massive of local water, but having to get rid of poisonous sludge from the drilling operations”

“Quite frankly, I am sick of the way in which the government has not only given 100 per cent remission on business rates to fracking companies, but is removing our legal right to object to drilling under our homes,”

”There are so many myths which are untrue about huge amounts of jobs being created and energy prices going down.”

The Government has backed the process because they say it will create energy security and is positive for the economy.

They have also said that fracking licences can only be applied for natural beauty spots and National Parks in ‘exceptional circumstances.’

However, environmental demonstrators argue fracking releases harmful methane gases into the air.

The anti-fracking group believe the website will provide people with a local and intelligent perspective on the subject.

It will include maps of potentially threatened areas of Bassetlaw, a blog of news sources and videos.

“I trust that open-minded people will look at it and click through to links from it,” David added.