Worksop solicitor fights for warehouse accident compensation

A personal injury solicitor is concerned by rise in warehouse accident injuries, and outlines where workers may have a case for compensation.

The down side of being so busy is that mistakes happen – often with serious consequences
The down side of being so busy is that mistakes happen – often with serious consequences

Whilst the pandemic has been unkind to many retail businesses, online shopping has boomed. Experienced personal injury lawyer Steve Barke believes that this is one of the reasons why he and his colleagues at Spencers Solicitors in Chesterfield are getting more enquiries about making compensation claims, from warehouse employees injured in accidents at work.

Online shopping as a retail sector is very much warehouse-driven. Increased volumes of sales mean warehouse employees find themselves under pressure to get things done fast. The down side of being so busy is that mistakes happen – often with serious consequences.

Steve explained: “It seems no coincidence that a rise in warehouse accident claims coincides with online shopping becoming more popular.

“Not every accident at work is the fault of the employer, but many are. Employers owe their employees a duty of care to keep them safe whilst they are at work. If the employer fails in that duty and a worker is injured as a result of an accident the employer could and should have prevented, the injured employee has every right to make a claim for compensation.”

Warehouse accidents frequently result in serious injuries and even fatalities. The most common types of warehouse accident involve:

- manual handling accidents

- forklift truck accidents

- slip, trip or fall accidents

Steve has lived in the Worksop area all his life. Prior to joining Spencers Solicitors two years ago, he worked for a high-profile firm of trade union solicitors. He now works with a team of dedicated accident at work lawyers at the Chesterfield-based firm.

Getting the right solicitor on board is key to a successful claim. Steve’s 30 years of dealing with accident at work claims mark him out as someone who can be trusted to deal with complex injury cases.

Spencers Solicitors handle warehouse accident claims on a No Win, No Fee basis, and in many cases don’t charge a success fee. This means that win or lose, clients have nothing to pay and get to keep all their compensation.

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