Trampolene bouncing from Swansea to Hornsey to Sheffield

Jack Jones, of Trampolene.Jack Jones, of Trampolene.
Jack Jones, of Trampolene.
Frontman Jack Jones says it is all 'happy days' for Welsh alt-rockers Trampolene at the moment.

With their debut album Swansea to Hornsey released last year and a tour under way, things are “as good as they could be”.

Jack says: “For years and years we have been writing, so it feels like a miracle that the album now exists.

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“It’s a massive relief it is out and has been an emotional experience.

“It’s a bit weird going on Spotify and we are on a big rock’n’roll playlist; it’s what we worked hard to do and always dreamed of.

“Sometimes I put my music on shuffle and it’s my annoying voice playing back at me.”

The album’s cover caused a controversy when it was banned on Facebook.

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It features a picture of Jack and his sister as children, naked, playing with traffic cones outside their house.

“I had a bone tumour in my leg when I was little so had to wear a cast, so I got really hot,” says Jack. “I was too scared to walk around naked to cool down, but sister did it with me to stop me being nervous.

“The cover is a classic working class shot and you can’t see any naughty bits on it.”

To accompany the album, the band have also been keeping themselves busy by gigging.

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“The last few shows have really blown our minds, the crowd knowing the words and singing back so passionately is just really humbling,” says singer and guitarist Jack, one-third of the band alongside bassist Wayne Thomas and drummer Rob Steele.

“The past few crowds have been enjoying every song, Usually people go mental for the fast songs but even when we play some slow ones we don’t lose momentum. Everyone just sings with their heart on their sleeves, it has made a real difference.”

And he is especially excited to play Sheffield, describing the Steel City as a “a home away from home”.

“A lot of family on my mum’s side live in Sheffield, so when I go it does feel like a home show,” he says.

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With one record out, the band have already started working on a second, as well as having a compilation of all their EPs.

Jack says “There is a lot of pretty cool things happening for the band.

“I would like to take us all the way to San Jose and travel all around the world.

“I want big shows, big fans, a big family and a big life.

“If that happens, great, if doesn’t, great, as long as I give it my best shot.”

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The three-piece have already made a great start in making their mark, and with the philosophy of “if I don’t do it, who else will,” Trampolene can bounce much higher.

Trampolene play Sheffield’s The Harley on Saturday, April 28.

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