Snowdrops pull visitors to historic Babworth church

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Visitors flocked to a church in Babworth last weekend to marvel at the annual display of snowdrops and a talk on the area’s historic American links.

All Saints’ Parish Church provided the backdrop for a startling floral display.

Tour guide Maggy Watkins.

Tour guide Maggy Watkins.

A steady stream of visitors defied poor weather on February 11-12 to walk a specially laid out trail.

The church’s interior proved popular too, thanks to a Bassetlaw Christian Heritage exhibition on Reverend Richard Clifton.

Organiser Rick Brand said: “It fascinated an appreciative audience, who also enjoyed our architectural wonders and stained glass windows by Kempe, Eginton, and Wailes.”

Rev Clifton was Rector of Babworth from 1586 to 1605 and a key figure in the voyage of the Mayflower—the famous settler ship which carried religious exiles to New England.

On Saturday, tour guide Maggy Watkins gave a talk describing Clifton’s influence upon the radical church Separatists Bradford and Brewster, who led the congregation of Scrooby to escape arrest.

The next Bassetlaw Christian Heritage event will be held July 8-9.