This restaurant's going to the dogs '“ Owlerton's unique dining experience

There's nothing quite like tucking into a tender steak, while people bellow support for '˜number five.'

Owlerton Stadium's Panorama Restaurant
Owlerton Stadium's Panorama Restaurant

Owlerton Stadium’s restaurant is the best way to experience the greyhound racing.

The Panorama Restaurant is a far cry from standing trackside, in the freezing cold, nursing chicken in a basket.

Of course purists of the racing still do that, the bars do a very brisk trade.

But for those just looking for a night out, good food and a bit of a flutter, the restaurant provides a much more refined experience – up to a point.

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    The glass fronted venue affords great views of the races, but there are screens dotted liberally around the restaurant so there’s little chance of missing any action.

    And you don’t need to leave your table to go and place your bets, staff come right to you to take your cash, and bring it back if you’re a lucky winner.

    The menu is uncomplicated with just six choices of main meal.

    But the food is fantastic, which may surprise some given the surroundings. ‘Sport’ and fine dining really do co-exist.

    If you’re after a quiet night out, this is not the place for you.

    If you’re looking for something different and a really good steak, Panorama will work out just fine.

    It’s seemingly well suited to groups celebrating and family occasions, but there are enough staff milling around to ensure you don’t get lost as a table for just two.

    In July and August the three-course meal can set you back as little as £10 per person on certain days, leaving more of the ‘night out’ budget for sensible gambling.

    People will yell out encouragement to the dog carrying their financial hopes, but it’s all good natured and the hubbub dies down very quickly between races.

    The evening flies by as well, when you’re studying a form guide or agonising over your next bet between mouthfuls of chorizo sausage mash.

    And nothing tastes sweeter than a dark chocolate pot with After Eight Chantilly cream, when you’re scooping up £4.50 in winnings from race 16.