10 inventions and other amazing things Nottinghamshire gave the world

Nottinghamshire has been the home of many remarkable people over the years, and there are some who have been responsible for some of the most iconic inventions to date.

Thursday, 10th September 2020, 10:14 am

Below is a list of some famous inventors and inventions proudly from Nottinghamshire.

Nottingham shopkeeper, Frederick Gibson Garton, came up with the recipe for the famous sauce in his grocery shop in New Basford.
Shin guards for football were invented in Nottingham in the late 19th Century. In 1865 a group of youngsters attached to St. Andrew's Church on Mansfield Road, Nottingham, formed a football club and since they played on the Forest Recreation Ground, the town's racecourse, they called themselves Nottingham Forest. Forest were the first team to wear the shin guards, invented by club player Samuel Widdowson in 1874.
James Samuel Archer, 1854-1920, was the co-inventor of the famous Sturmey-Archer gears, the three-speed bicycle gears. He lived in Nottingham, and worked at the Raleigh Cycle Company.
The first VCR was invented by the Nottingham Electronic Valve Company by two Nottingham men, Norman Rutherford and Michael Turner, and was called the Telcan or 'television in a can', which cost £60, and could record 20 minutes in black and white.
A Nottinghamshire man is responsible for bringing more control to the streets by inventing street lights. In 1866, Nottingham High School pupil, John Peake Knight, created a system that had a revolving gas-powered lantern with a red and green light - the very first one was placed near the House of Commons in London.
Arnold-born, Thomas Hawksley, was an engineer for the Nottingham Waterworks Company and developed the first high-pressure water supply at Trent Bridge in 1831.
Perhaps the most far-reaching invention of the past fifty years is the development of magnetic resonance imaging as a medical diagnostic tool. This was pioneered by Sir Peter Mansfield in the early 1970s in the Department of Physics at The University of Nottingham. Now hospitals throughout the world have MR scanners. Sir Peter was knighted in honour of his discovery.
A Nottingham man was partly responsible for modern mechanical warfare when he came up with the idea of the tank. His invention was turned down by the War Office for being 'too cranky', but the first tanks were eventually manufactured in 1915. The Tank was developed in Grantham and was successful in WWI.
Professor Don Grierson of the University of Nottingham led a team that produced the first genetically engineered tomato. The tomato went on to be the first genetically modified plant food to be approved for sale on both sides of the Atlantic.
James Hargreaves fled from Lancashire when his new invention the Spinning Jenny was wrecked by fellow weavers. He settled in Nottingham, where he built a small spinning mill off Lower Parliament Street in 1767. His invention resulted in massive changes in the spinning industry.