Touring comedy Sick lifts lid on life in the NHS when it comes to Nottingham soon

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Don’t miss Sick, a funny and revealing insider’s view of everyday life in the NHS during four years of cutbacks, which comes to Nottingham Arts Theatre on February 21-22 as part of an extensive UK tour.

Sick is a funny, entertaining and at times tragic show about the impact of austerity on the National Health Service.

As scriptwriter and performer Shey Hargreaves draws on her real life experience as a receptionist in a busy A&E unit, you will find out how government funding cuts have impacted on patients, their families and friends and the staff who care for them.

The show doesn’t take a party political viewpoint, it simply chronicles the things that Shey saw.

Amidst the organised chaos of the emergency department, Shey attempts to remain calm and imperturbable. Sick gives us a behind-the-scenes insight into the relationships, protocols, and bureaucracy of the NHS and how it works.

Littered with well-timed jokes and frequently laugh-out-loud funny, while telling tragically sad stories, Sick is a bizarrely charming and entertaining show, a bittersweet study of what makes us human.

Shey Hargreaves explained: “During my years working on an emergency ward I saw the impact of government changes in health policy and what that meant for staff, patients and the NHS.

“When I left I decided to write about it, bringing issues down to individual true stories that help us understand what’s happing on a bigger scale. At the same time, I wanted the show to be funny and entertaining as that actually helps get the serious point over.

“I don’t consider I’ve done my job unless people have had a ‘Right Good Time’.”

Tickets are £8/£7, available on 0115 947 6096 or at

Photo credit: George Payne