The Snowman is enchanting

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The last thing I thought I’d be feeling on a wet and windy January night was full of Christmas cheer but that’s exactly how I did after watching The Snowman.

The only unfortunate thing about the performance was the date, after seeing Santa skipping about, Snowmen (and women) swirling and a host of winter wonderland animals dancing, it left my three-year-old son Archie asking when Father Christmas is coming again (I hope this doesn’t continue for the next 11 months!)

Before the show I struggled to see how the 26 minute animation, inspired by the Raymond Briggs book, could be adapted but it seems this was not something that troubled the writers.

The audience delighted as the boy, played excellently by Mikey Hawkins, and the snowman, James Leece, embark on their journey together.

At times it was funny, weird (I didn’t expect to see lifesize dancing fruit at any stage but was pleasantly surprised) but wonderful and magical throughout.

The children watching giggled away as the pair made their way around the boy’s house and encountered obstacles on the way.

After dressing up, a quick spin in a motorbike and sidecar, bumping into a ballerina and other toy favourites, the friends took to the sky in the moment it seemed everyone had been waiting for - and it didn’t disappoint.

With a wintry surprise at the end, the audience cheered as the performers danced away in the final number.

A special mention must go to the excellent band, in a performance with no words their music told the tale just as well as those on stage did .

Catch the show before Sunday January 31. For tickets and performance details call the box office on 0115 989 5555 or visit